Car Towing Services

Reliable Car Towing Services in Singapore

One of a motorist’s worst nightmares driving in Singapore is having your vehicle break down in the middle of nowhere. Such unfortunate incidents can certainly be stressful and uncomfortable, especially with angry drivers and horrible jams.

It is important to be alert for any signs of an imminent breakdown so you can send your car to the workshop before it’s too late. A few reasons your car might break down could be due to dying batteries, worn-out tires, damaged drive belts, damaged brakes, or an overheated engine.

In the event that these problems happen, you will definitely need a reliable car towing service to the rescue. You might be wondering how much does towing services in Singapore cost? We have found that answer for you. Let us take a look at 3 of the most reliable car towing services in Singapore. These reliable services specialise in different types of tow truck services which include normal & flatbed towing services, multi storey carpark towing, and basement carpark towing.

Normal Towing (Wheel Lift) vs Flatbed Towing

While selecting an experienced and reliable towing service is important, you may also want to give some thought to the type of tow truck you would prefer to tow your vehicle. While we are sure that the towing services we recommend would give you the best vehicle for the job at hand, it is always good to be knowledgeable of the options you have.

Different towing services and types of tow trucks are required based on the needs and specifics of your vehicles as well as the location of where your vehicle has broken down. For example, if a car has broken down in a HDB multi storey carpark or basement carpark, a smaller wheel lift tow truck will be more suitable due to its manoeuvrability in tight spaces and lower height restrictions.

Before diving into our top 3 reliable car towing services, let us debunk a common misconception: that normal towing and flatbed towing services are similar.

Normal Towing Services

The wheel lift tow truck is the most popular tow truck that is available in almost any tow truck companies in Singapore. These trucks have hydraulic booms with a crossbar at both ends. To use this, the crossbars are positioned either at the rear or front of the wheels.

With the crossbars in place, the car is slightly lifted so that only two wheels are touching the road. Cars are usually towed in this manner when it only needs to be towed for a short distance. It is a suitable towing truck to use when the car is parked on a tight or narrow road. For most towing companies, using wheel lift tow trucks typically costs cheaper.

Normal Towing (Wheel Lift) Services with hydraulic booms.

Flatbed Towing Services

Flatbed Car Towing Services
Another popular choice is a flatbed tow truck. This tow truck has a slanted platform that can be moved to reach the ground. This makes it possible for cars to drive into the platform. In cases where the cars cannot be driven, a winch system can be used.

Once the car is already on the platform, it will be secured in place with chains and straps.

This method is preferred for long-distance hauling and for cars that are four-wheel-drives. Damaged vehicles are also better towed with this kind of tow truck.

This method of towing is a popular choice as the car is less likely to receive further damage during the towing process. Since it is on the platform, the car’s transmission would not be affected by the towing. The only disadvantage is that flatbed tow trucks are more difficult to use when the car to be towed is in a tight space.

Different Types of Tow Trucks

In summary, the main difference between the two is the security provided for the vehicle. Flatbed tow trucks are safer than wheel lift tow trucks. Another difference is the size of the tow trucks. Flatbed tow trucks are bigger; hence, a wheel lift tow truck would be preferred for narrower and tighter spaces. Lastly, for most towing companies, wheel lift towing is the cheaper option. Looking at BRZE’s services, one of the companies listed in our recommendations here in the article charges $40 for normal towing and $130 for the flatbed towing.

Free Towing Service (EMAS) Recovery

If your vehicle breaks down on the expressway in Singapore, EMAS will provide free towing service to the nearest designated car park outside the expressways. You will have to arrange for your own towing service from the designated car park and below are some of the most reliable towing services in Singapore.


Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS)

Automobile Association Singapore (AAS), started in 1907 is a renowned and leading provider of Roadside Assistance Service (RAS). When you apply for a AA Membership as a motorist, you gain access to a wide range of benefits including lifestyle perks, roadside assistance services, and 24-hour tow-truck services.

These perks are only exclusive to AA members. If you are a non-AA member, you will need to be an AA Member to receive roadside assistance service. An express fee of $32.10 on top of the entrance fee and a 1-year subscription fee is applicable when you require immediate roadside assistance services.


Island Recovery Services

Island Recovery Services is Singapore’s largest owing company in Singapore, in terms of fleet size. They have a fleet of over 25 vehicles including car carriers and heavy-duty tow trucks. They boast to be technology-enabled which allows for fleet tracking and dispatch management CRM and real-time GPS services.

Services include Accident Recovery, Breakdown Towing, On-Site Vehicle Jumpstart, Change Punctured Tyre, Open Locked Car Door, Crane, and Winch, On-Site battery change, and tire puncture repair. The price range from towing is from $50 onwards and roadside Assistance Services From $40 (Jump Start/ Change to Spare Tyres).


BRZE Towing Services

BRZE has a cross-border presence and over 20 years of experience providing towing services for cars and bikes. They offer both Singapore and Malaysia roadside assistance. They pride themselves on their seamless process.

Among the 3 car towing services, BRZE offers the cheapest towing service at $40 for a normal tow truck. For flatbed car carriers, towing will cost $130.